Cerberus is the 3 heads Underworld dog keeper that correspond to core testing features :

  1. Front office web application testing: Cerberus encapsulates Selenium, launching real web browsers and executing user actions directly on the application.

  2. Back office service and batch testing: configure your SQL to be run.

  3. Business intelligence testing.

Tests can be run using a REST API which allows you to run it massively and everywhere on any platforms (Crontab on Linux, Task scheduler on Windows). You can also run them from the web interface.

Tests are described according to the Given/When/Then standard :

  • Given : Cerberus properties.

  • When : Cerberus actions grouped into steps.

  • Then : Cerberus controls.

Tests configuration is done through a web interface and stored in a database: NO IT SCRIPTS ANYMORE!

The Cerberus application itself is a classic 3-tier application written in Java. The application is accessible via a web browser and is deployed in an application server and stores data in a database.

Your test data can be dynamically retrieve from any external databases using SQL. This allows you to eliminate fixed test case data which are a nightmare to maintain.